Wincey Mills - Bell Pepper

These two images are part of a spec ad series that was created for a new farmer's market that relies heavily on locally grown food products.  As a tongue-in-cheek way of promoting the new place I came up with this concept of introducing the vegetables within "Hello, my name is..." stickers.  Shot on a white background, and close-cropped, the veggies were retouched to remove imperfections and given a gradiated background. Graphics rounded out the look and feel of this ad for the small town market.  

Hislop Heritage Portrait

Family portraits are very important in preserving memories and it can be difficult to maintain heritage photos over the years.  One of the skills I have is retouching photographs to restore them back to their former glory.  These two images were from a group of portraits that a client wanted me to fix up.  They had extensive wearing around the edges and even the original image lacked the proper dark shadows.  So when I started retouching this image I knew it would be much more than simply removing nicks and scratches but also hand painting the shadows darker. 

Hungry Goat

Here's a creative piece that was extra fun to do.  Not only did I get to hold a baby goat in my arms but I was also able to capture it's image and help it to interact with it's surroundings  I had originally wanted the goat to look like it was really biting and tugging on the background, but it was impossible with a baby goat.  They haven't started eating solid foods yet, so they're only used to sucking their meals.  Regardless, it turned out well thanks to the help of the owners at Vandenheuvel goat farm, Tys & Lorissa.

Brantford Heritage - Now & Then Series

In 2013 I held an exhibition of twelve works of art that I had composed from photos found in the Brantford Museum Archives and also my own photos taken of the same locations.  Combining sections of both the old black & white photos and the new colour photos contrasted the differences.  I loved how this project highlighted the heritage and history of prominent Brantford landmarks and the progress that has occurred to them over time.